Who is the Original Artist?

The photographer is, on occasion, a bit like the golfer, who is accused of having to knock a little ball around to have an excuse to go for a walk. One takes a camera along, and off one goes. Sometimes, even the most seasoned photographer will agree, it is better to put the camera aside and just make use of the best views of all, those presented to the humble human eye.

Be that as it may, after getting positive reactions from various people, and being asked to print off some cards and calendars, we thought we could present these photographs on the internet.

Please contact us if you are interested in getting some prints, cards or calendars, or if you would like to have copies of the original photo files for your graphics department.

Contact: blueswift1 (at) hotmail.com


A picture to inspire, to make you smile, and then, diaphanous, it may reveal a wonder of the Light.

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